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The Future Show with Gerd Leonhard

"Gelecek Günü 2014 konuşmacımız Gerd Lehonard kendi web TV kanalını yarattı. Abone olmak ve gelecekten haberdar olmak için üye olabilirsiniz."

Launching Today: The Future Show 

with Gerd Leonhard! 

Greetings everyone

"The Future Show with Gerd Leonhard" (TFS) is my new web-TV show that presents and explains the most exciting and challenging future trends to the curious general public and the international business community. TFS’s goal is to show how technology’s exponential advancements will radically alter and re-design the way in which we experience the world and interact with each other in the immediate future.

The initial series consists of 5 episodes which explain - in a very consumer-friendly way - the key future challenges and opportunities that I think we should be aware of and act on, today. In the 4-7 minute episodes I discuss topics ranging from privacy, surveillance and big data to human-machine futures, to the future of jobs, work and education.

I am delighted to announce that the first episode is available today - it looks at what I like to call "Privacy Failure". Is privacy, as a concept, really dead? Should we simply accept that our communications, opinions, images, movements and actions are 99% public by default?

In a world where almost everything is observed, recorded and analysed, and where personal information spreads like wildfire, I believe that we urgently need to learn how to strike a better balance between openness, transparency and some kind of 'digital privacy'. If allowing for mistakes and imperfections is what makes us human, how can we still retain this idea if we are being monitored, tracked and 'quantified' all the time?

Watch the first episode here.